Government Contracts and Procurement

“Certification is a stamp of approval. It’s the best marketing tool that a minority/women business can have to accelerate and sustain its success. The primary benefits include access to procurement buyers and contract opportunities, capital, technical assistance and training, financial resources and mentoring.” Anita J. Ponder
Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.’s Government Contracts Practice Group is in the firm’s Chicago office. We provide legal services, business consulting, strategic guidance, training and advocacy to Fortune 500 companies, government contractors and subcontractors of all sizes, governmental agencies, and nonprofit business organizations. Our government contracts and procurement services primarily focus on diversity, equity and the inclusion of minority, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses that are seeking to receive and participate on contracts awarded by governmental agencies and major corporations that have disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), minority business enterprise (MBE), women business enterprise (WBE) and veteran business enterprise (VBE) programs. We represent clients in various industries, including government, construction, transportation, architecture, engineering, education, housing, gaming, healthcare, information technology, insurance and financial services.
Key Government Contract and Procurement Law Services

  • Develop effective supplier diversity programs
  • Draft proposed government regulations, laws, policies and legislation
  • Prepare Code of Conduct for employees and/or vendors
  • Conduct comprehensive employee and/or vendor training programs
  • Implement successful strategies to compete for and maintain government contracts
  • Facilitate certification eligibility and specialty area expansion
  • Review, draft and/or edit bid solicitation documents
  • Prepare small business subcontract plans and utilization reports
  • Review, draft and/or negotiate contracts, subcontracts and other agreements
  • Develop teaming relationships (i.e., strategic alliances, mentor/protégé relationships, joint ventures/partnerships)
  • Conduct and report contract monitoring and compliance
  • Resolve contract disputes
  • Representation in contract terminations and suspension or debarment proceedings

Primary Contacts:
Anita J. Ponder | Partner, Chicago Office
Director of the Government Contracts Group
Dragomir A. Tsvetenov | Of Counsel, Chicago Office
QPWB’s Government Contracts Practice Group is headed by Anita J. Ponder who is a partner of the firm with more than 30 years of legal, business and government experience. She represents agencies and industry leaders nationwide, including major corporations, family owned businesses and small businesses that are owned and controlled by disadvantaged individuals, minorities and women. Ms. Ponder has been one of the nation’s most effective advocates of supplier diversity in the public and private sectors. She works with Dragomir Tsvetenov, who is Of Counsel attorney and diversity advocate in QPWB’s Government Contracts Practice Group who is also a military veteran.

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